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  • These Terms & Conditions are applicable to all gift coupons and gift certificates distributed by Simply Colors (hereafter called 'gift coupons')
  • Each printed gift coupon provides a unique code. This code is provided only once. The gift coupon and code should be kept in a safe place because in the event it is lost or stolen, no compensation can be offered by Simply Colors.
  • Only original gift coupons and codes can be used and should be shown on request. Simply Colors reserves the right to demand receiving the physical gift coupon and in case of improper useage insist on actual payment only.
  • To redeem your gift coupon, follow the instructions in your shopping cart. In the event the value of the gift coupon exceeds the value of your order, the remainder of the amount expires. The remainder cannot be refunded in cash.
  • Each gift coupon clearly mentions the expiration date, no value is left after the expiration date.
  • Gift coupons by Simply Colors can only used for purchases of Simply Colors items and can not be exchanged for cash.
  • Gift coupons cannot be used retrospectively for orders already placed at Simply Colors. 
  • In the event the value of your purchase exceeds the value of the gift coupon, the remainder should be paid by credit card or PayPal. After receipt of full payment, Simply Colors will start processing the order.
  • Any change, addition or deletion in the gift coupon is prohibited and makes the gift coupon null and void.
  • Simply Colors will not be liable for any damage as a result of using gift coupons.
  • In the event of any problem redeeming a gift coupon, please email to or call Customer Service during regular business hours. 
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