Sleeping bags with our own print

Design your own sleeping bag with a name, slogan or funny text.
Great for sleep overs and kindergarten!

  • 100% cotton
  • supreme quality print
  • sizes: 6-12m and 12-18m
  • available in 6 colors
  • upside down zipper for increased safety 

Why are baby sleeping bags so wonderful?

Unlike blankets, which are frequently kicked off during sleep, the baby sleeping bag can neither be kicked off nor slip off yet allows plenty of room for kicking and wriggling. Hence baby remains warm and cosy in their sleeping bag and won\'t wake up from feeling cold, so no constant tucking in - a definite plus for the whole household in the middle of the night!

They may help to reduce the risk of SIDS by preventing overheating (hence, the sleeveless design), and reducing the risk of your baby being caught under their blankets.

Nappy changing is easy with a sleeping bag or sleep suit, you simply unzip the sleeping bag, swiftly deal with the change, and zip it up again, with hardly any change in temperature for your baby.

Night-time feeding is helped along by being able to lift your baby out of the cot in the sleeping bag which keeps her cosy throughout feeding and changing, and returning her to the cot with little change in temperature.

Sleeping bags and sleep suits can be taken anywhere, allowing your baby or toddler to have the familiarity of home, on planes, trains, hotel rooms or at Grandma's house.

They help stop your baby from getting their legs caught in the cot bars!

Also stops babies with eczema from scratching themselves, and makes it much harder to climb out of their cots.